Did you know?

OCFA is very fortunate to have one of the best Professional Development Funds in the provinces.

In the late 1980’s our faculty members were forward looking and wanted to ensure faculty would always have funds forprofessional development. They graciously contributed their wage increases for a period of five years to an endowmentfund. These funds were matched by the government.

Our current Collective Agreement mandates that the Faculty Professional Development Fund will be no less than 3% of thetotal budgeted salary for Permanent Full-time, Permanent Part-time, and Temporary Full-time Faculty employed during thatbudget year.

The Budget is funded by eighty percent of the annual interest earnings from the Faculty Development Endowment andwhere the interest earnings do not equal the required budget, an allocation from the College operating budget.

Twenty percent of the interest is reinvested in the Endowment.

Please remember our Faculty Alumni who contributed to our their hard earned dollars for our advantage!

For more information visit the Faculty Google Site.